Why can’t default minimum fee rate be changed to 0.1-0.2 sat/vByte?

  1. Main question (focus on this incase you are looking to close it as “needs focus”): Why can’t we change default minimum fee rate to something below 1 sat/vByte?

  2. It was done in past: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/3305 why not again?

  3. Why does nobody respond to comments in this pull request? https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/13990 Do I need to be from some OG devs group or from blockstream or chaincode labs to contribute and discuss? Or some PRs are intentionally kept pending because a certain group doesn’t want things mentioned in it?

  4. Do you think it will result in spamming? I don’t think so and few other people as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/kjrbny/should_default_minimum_fee_rate_be_01_satvbyte_now/ggyym67

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